Fireworks Launcher – Pictures

The following are images of the various parts of the fireworks launcher project including the chassis, electronics and launch rack.  They include pictures of the control panel, wireless devices and Raspberry Pi external input/output connectors.

Fireworks Launcher - Front view of switches, indicator LEDs and wireless antennas Chassis Front View
Fireworks Launcher - Rear view of launch LEDs, fan, AC inlet, and wire terminalsChassis Rear View
Fireworks Launcher - Left side view of computer and relay card battery bankChassis Left View
Fireworks Launcher - Right side view of WiFi dongle and raspberry pi connectorsChassis Right View
Fireworks Launcher - Top view linksys routerChassis Top View
Fireworks Launcher - Top view of battery connectors, fuses and power cablesBatteries
Fireworks Launcher - Control panel LED's, toggle switches and push buttonsFront Control Panel
Fireworks Launcher Single Board Computer Project - Electronics full layout viewComplete Circuitry View
Fireworks Launcher Embedded Linux - AC power supply, fuses and terminal stripsUpper Left Circuitry View
(AC Power Quadrant)
Fireworks Launcher Microcontroller - Optoelectronic relay & transistor interfaceUpper Right Circuitry View
(Relay Interface Quadrant)
Fireworks Launcher Linux on ARM - DC power converter and fusesLower Left  Circuitry View
(DC Power Quadrant)
Fireworks Launcher Raspberry Pi Computer – Interface, input and output cablesLower Right Circuitry View
(Raspberry Pi Quadrant)
Fireworks Launcher – Complete firing system with 8 rocket launching rackLauncher with Rack (Large Image)
Fireworks Launcher – Breadboard used for the initial electronic testing phaseOops, how did this picture get in here.
Well geez, I had to start somewhere !